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Vernas and the Order of Vernas
Nyx and the Nyxian Syndicate
Komo and Komo's Children


Race: Chital/Kirin Gender: Neutrois (they/any)

Vernas is the founder of the capitol city of Velkacis and is responsible for the protective field encompassing the Elysium district. Ever since the Affliction struck Velkacis, they have remained walled up in their towers, conserving all of their energy for the sake of upkeeping the forcefield and magical systems that power all of the capitol's technologies.

Once a true diplomat invested in the festivities of Velkacis, they only now make public appearances when there is an important announcement to be delivered to its people. They long for the security of Velkacis so that they may spend all of the time in the underworld with its inhabitants once again.

Order of Vernas

Vernas and their followers work hard to minimize the damage of the afflicted within Velkacis. Vernans are honorable, dependable, and hard-working volunteers who will do anything in their power to protect others. Their strategy is to provide air to those who have fallen to the Affliction and provide the best defense at the edge of the protective zone, but no further.


Race: Underworld Wyrm Gender: Female (she/her)

Nyx is a bold vigilante who lives on the outskirts of Tartarus and was known to cause mischief whenever she would visit the capitol, causing many of the citizens to resent her. She became used to her antagonist status, but nonetheless gained the trust of the civilians when during the first break out of the Affliction she showed up to take direct action and bring the afflicted residents to safety.

She takes a curious, sometimes unsettling, interest in puzzles and riddles and always makes time for jovial banter even when there are more pressing matters, leading some to believe she is unfit in any kind of leadership position. Yet, she seems to be the only one capable of pulling Vernas out of a funk and encouraging them to stay socially involved.

Nyxian Syndicate

Nyx and her followers are always ready to take matters into their own hands and prove to others what they're worth. They are fearless warriors with a sense for trouble, but a realistic tact for when things get ugly. Their strategy is to fight off the effects of the Affliction beyond the protected zone and bring in the suffering so that they may seek aid.


Race: Mori Spirit Gender: Fem-aligned (she/they)

Komo is the mother to all Mori spirits and it is said that she created them in her image. She is well-known for her shrewdness and capricious nature, but also her benevolence and appreciation for all life.

When the affliction struck Velkacis, she disappeared- causing many to believe that she had abandoned them. However, most of them believe in their hearts that she is still watching over them and seeking answers to the horrible situation. It is said that leaving her offerings in the meadows of Asphodel may grant you special blessings.

Komo's Children

Komo and her followers seek the truth so that they can provide a better understanding of things. Komoans are bright and inquisitive, self reliant explorers who try to uncover the nature of their circumstances. Their strategy is to uncover the mysteries of the Affliction so that they can eliminate it and reverse the damage as much as possible.