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This page will try to cover all of the basics, but will not get into depth about all of the topics our users should know. Please follow the links to our other pages in the sidebar to the left for more information that may be pertinent.

You can use the Quick List to jump to a section, or click on any section's header to visit the direct link. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact an administrator using the report features or by submitting a Problem Ticket.

Velkacis is a dark fantasy themed graphic chat which uses a platform known as Chatwitch/a1k9. We belong to a ring of similar chats known as "Chatlands." Unlike with a text-only chat, there's a unique visual element: you control an image of your character (also called an "avatar") within a 2D setting.

Our primary goal is to create a space that is not only engaging, but also harmonious and safe for all walks of life. Harmfulness within the userbase will not be tolerated and empathy is a virtue held in high regard here, providing a consistent world and theme is only one of our priorities.

Velkacis requires an invitation to access, however there are no specific requirements to receive one. We use an invitation system mostly to monitor who is accessing our site more carefully and prevent troublemakers from evading bans. If you would like to request an invitation, go here.

Please note that we are not currently accepting invitation requests. We are not letting users on early because this would require moderation and we are not currently equipped to moderate the chat until other things are more smoothed out beforehand. There is currently no set date for Velkacis to be open, and no guarantees or estimations can be made.

You can use the chat directly on your web browser, there are no downloads required whatsoever. To enter a room, first login with your Chatlands account and you will be taken to the map. Once you have done this, you can click any location on the map you would like to visit. Alternatively, if you click on the Portal from the map, you will see a list of all of our locations and a list of users who are online.

When you have entered a room, you will be able to move around the screen by clicking or dragging. The chat bar on the bottom of the screen can be used for typing and your speech will appear as a bubble above your avatar's head as well as in the chat log below.

By clicking your own avatar, you can change poses to be sitting, sleeping, walking, pouncing, and more. You can interact with other online users by chatting or clicking on their avatar to perform actions. There are more controls underneath the chat bar, as well as more settings found on the map's sidebar. There are also multiple chat commands, found here [link needed].

On Chatlands, a profile is sometimes also referred to as a "Sniff." To view someones sniff (also called "sniffing someone"), you can select "Account" -> "View Profiles" on the map, or you may click someone in the same room as you to view their profile in a popup window. You can also use the !sniff command by typing "!sniff username" into your chat bar.

You can edit your sniff by selecting "Account" -> "Edit Profile" on the map. You can use the !sniff command to view your own work. Changing certain things, such as your email and username, require an email verification before they will go through; this is to prevent anybody from wrongfully altering your personal info.

We offer a variety of default poses in our bodyshop, located on the map. This page will let you choose sets from a drop-down menu and pick different colours for your avatar so that you can find the right look for yourself. If you have a subscription you will have access to more of our pose sets and you will also have access to the pose uploader, meaning you can upload your own custom art.

You do not have to have an active subscription to keep your account in the system, you just need to keep your account Delta balance above 0. Accounts with no Delta in them will be automatically removed from the system after 30 days unless the user logs in, however accounts with at least 1 Deltas in them can remain indefinitely.

If for any reason you wish to close your account, you may do so by selecting "Account" -> "Close my Account" on the map. This requires an email verification to prevent unauthorized deletion but the changes take effect immediately.

We offer a variety of different default poses and locations, however members are also capable of creating, uploading, and even selling their own original artwork. Overall, this is a place to hang out, have fun, meet new people, and chill with friends.

Velkacis is not technically a game, though it is treated similarly through the use of its poses and locations. It is more of a chat than anything else with the addition of having artistic liberty in your appearance.

Users are allowed to RP in any of our public rooms as long as it is kept among the willing, meaning that if someone does not want to roleplay, they do not have to join in. We do not moderate roleplay and cannot provide aid to users in situations where they feel someone is cheating, or "god-modding," in their roleplay. We suggest utilizing a private room to be able to regulate your own roleplay groups.

Velkacis will always be free, however subscriptions grant you access and benefit you to use other features such as different species, access to the pose uploader, friend lists, and away messages. In the circumstance that servers are overcrowded with 200 users or more, subscribed accounts are given priority over free accounts, and free accounts may be unable to login until there are less people online. Please be aware that accounts will be removed after 30 days of activity if they do not have at least 1.00Δ Delta in them.

A subscription is an upgrade to your account which gives you access to bonus features. You can change your level of subscription under "Account" -> "My Subscription" on the map. In order to pay for a subscription, you must first purchase Deltas. For a more in-depth explanation of our subscription levels, visit our Subscription FAQ.

One Delta (1.00Δ) is equal to one US dollar ($1.00). Deltas can be earned using two options; you may perform art related jobs such as creating poses for other users, or purchase them from "Account" -> "Buy Deltas" on the map. For the time being, Paypal is required purchase Velkacis currency. For a more information about Deltas, visit our Delta FAQ.

Uploading your own art requires a subscription, but does not guarantee that you will have your artwork accepted and let on the site. To upload your own art, first make sure your subscription level allows it, then go to "Entrance" -> "Poses, Rooms, & Objects" on the map. All of the user uploaded art is handled by our Art Review Team who makes sure our users aren't breaking any rules. For clarification on the uploading process and requirements, visit our Art FAQ.

If you are having a problem on the chat, use the report button underneath the chat bar to view a list of Staff members online, then click their name to send them a private message (also called "whispering") and they will do their best to assist you. If there are no Staff members online, you may open a Problem Ticket, or try posting on the forums. Some common problems and solutions are already listed on the forum, so be sure to read through them before submitting a problem.

Members of our Staff (sometimes referred to as "administrators"/"admins" or "moderators") are volunteers that help regulate the chat to keep it enjoyable and safe for everyone. They have the ability to remove users from rooms, place suspensions on accounts, and take other action in order to do so. You can determine their rank by the colour of their name or by clicking on their avatar, clicking "sniff," and scrolling to the bottom of their profile. To learn more about how our Staff is run, visit Our Staff page.

How do I become a Staff member?

We realize that many users want to help and we are very appreciative, however becoming a member of our Staff is a highly selective process. We may open applications or nominations at some point in time, or even just approach a user directly, however this is done at our discretion and users should not expect to become a Staff member simply because they pursue it.